​ Three and a half years as a Deputy Sheriff with the Alameda  County Sheriff's Department.

 Twenty-three years with the Oakland Police Department (OPD),  achieving the rank of Captain of Police.  

  • Training Commander
  • Homicide Commander
  • Homicide Sergeant  
  • Bureau of Field Operations Commander

 Nearly five years as an Inspector with the Alameda County  District Attorney's Office.  

  • Trial preparation  
  • Sensitive investigations in the Special Operations Unit/Public Integrity Unit. 

​​​​​Medeiros Investigative and Consulting Services 


I have been honored to work with and learn from the finest investigators, inspectors, and police officers in the State.

​I take pride in my leadership skills, work ethic and professionalism. 

  • Complex Homicide investigations
  • In-Custody Death investigations
  • Officer-Involved-Shooting Incidents/Deaths
  • Complex Internal Affairs investigations
  • Use-of-Force investigations
  • Public Integrity investigations
  • Prior member of the California Homicide Investigators Association Board of Directors
  • Academy and Continuing Professional Training for sworn and professional staff​